Portland Gay Wedding Florist- We Would Be Honored To Help With Any Wedding

gay wedding florist

Finding a gay friendly wedding florist can be quite a hassle. Not anymore though, at A Floral Affair we believe that all marriages are equally important for any wedding. Our desire is to help couples find the best floral arrangements and displays to make their event a memorable one.

Why Give Us Preference

You might be wondering why it’s important to hire us for decorating your wedding. Below are a few reasons

  • We have arranged floral displays for several LGBT weddings. We know how to make your wedding an affair to remember.
  • We are willing to work within your budget. Now you don’t have to worry about going overboard or burning a hole through your pocket. Our individual packages are a great way to get some idea of the cost of flowers for your wedding.
  • We specialize in arranging demure floral displays we well as ones which are truly spectacular.
  • We like to work along the vision of our  clients.
  • If you have an idea you can tell us about it. Listening and paying attention to intricate details is a good way to know your requirements.
  • We are proud to say that our floral bouquets and corsages are made from fresh flowers. However if you have a preference for silk ones we can work on that as well.
  • If a flower’s in season we are bound to provide it for you. If you prefer more exotic floral arrangements we can get those done for you as well.

Our years of experience of working with a variety of brides and grooms and gay couples have helped us understand that each wedding is different. Everyone wants to have a memorable wedding. Why not make yours memorable with help from A Floral Affair.

For further information make sure to call us . If you want to get a free quote our friendly and professional staff will ask you a few questions. Based on your answers you will be provided a free quote. You will be amazed with our flowers. So go ahead and call us today!

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