Cash For Cars Portland – How To Spruce Up Your Vehicle


Have you wondered how some to sell old car? Well its one best kept secret which we at cash for cars Portland Oregon are going to share with you. Keep in mind that you don’t have to follow any of these tips and can get a fair price for your vehicle just by calling a cash for cars Portland business. Read on to see how you can do a lot of work to sell your car on your own but you really don’t need to do these things to sell it to a cash for cars Portland company.

Tips for Selling off an old Car


Keep the following things in mind before selling off an old car

Make Sure it looks Great

In a world with emphasis on appearance why should it be any different for a car? For a person who wants to sell of your car for the most cash, make sure you spruce it up a bit.

When you spruce up your car it looks that it has been well taken care of. This will make potential buyers think that they are buying a car which hadn’t been mishandled and has been gently used.

This can be done by

  • Giving your car a fresh paint
  • Denting and mending in places which require these services
  • Get rid of scratches
  • Though it might set you back about two hundred dollars or so, but cars which look better are sold off for a higher price and you could expect it to see for 500 dollars more than the regular price.
  • Another way you can make sure your car looks great is by getting rid of the dirty mats and replacing them with new ones. Old worn out mats can completely destroy the interior of your car and make it look ugly.
  • Getting your car serviced is a good way to have it fetch more money. Since you would be rectifying the most obvious flaws of the car, chances are that potential buyers won’t catch it.
  • Make sure you provide the buyer with the correct mileage and have all the documentation in order when they come to assess your car. This responsible maneuver on your part could earn you a buyer for your old car!
  • Get your car advertised in a newspaper. Make sure you use key phrases like mint condition, gently used. This will help get you more potential buyers.

By keeping these above mentioned tips in mind you can get the most cash for your old car. For more information on selling used cars make sure to contact us.