Tips on Finding a Great Electrician in Portland


It isn’t too hard to find a Portland electrician. You shouldn’t choose just any electrician though since keeping your system in shape is a pretty important job. If you have the wrong person who isn’t qualified to handle the job, it could be very dangerous for you and your family. Every year many electrical fires are started by faulty electrical systems so you want to make sure you have the right person working on your home or business to keep it in good shape.

4 Tips On Finding Your Next Great Portland Electrician

Here are a few things to look for when shopping for a new electrician in Portland:

  • Make Sure You Are Working With A Real Licensed Portland Electrician – As mentioned, choosing a good electrician is pretty important. For many reasons, you will want to make sure you are working with someone who is licensed and insured. This means you probably don’t want to look on Craigslist to find one or hire someone’s brother just because he once installed a light switch. You will need to find someone really qualified to handle the job – even if it seems like a small one. Otherwise, the few dollars you may save could end up costing you big time.
  • Reviews – Check out their reviews online. Most businesses will have an online presence and have reviews available to check out. You can go to Yelp or their Google Plus page to see what others have said. Sometimes though keep in mind some people only leave reviews if they are not happy with something. You should be able though to get an idea of whether or not a company is a good one to work with based on their reviews.
  • Ask For a Quote – Most electrical contractors offer a free quote for their services. Call and ask questions. Ask how  much it will cost but don’t let cost be the only consideration.
  • Find Out How Long They Have Been in Business – Chances are if they have been in business for a number of years, it is because they have repeat customers which means they’ve had happy customers. Usually if they have been in business for some time, their website will mention how long.

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If you follow these tips for finding a Portland electrician, you’ll find someone great. If you want a suggestion from us, check out We’ve worked with them personally for quite a few years now and we think they are pretty great.