Jacksonville IT Support – 4 Tips on Keeping Your Computer Virus Free

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It is important to make sure that your computers remain virus free. An infected computer could cause you to lose important data and destroy essential files as well. Though Jacksonville IT support is always at hand to help you with any hardware support it is better to be safe than sorry. We have listed four surefire ways which will help keep your computer free from any sort of malware.

  1. Never Download Files From Unknown Sources

Often enough people have their computers infected when they download stuff from the internet, especially those websites which aren’t reliable. The lure of downloading free games or watching movies for free has often cost people a great deal more in the long run. However if you are compelled to download any files from these websites it would be wise to put all these files in one folder and then run a virus scan on each of these files. Never run a program before having it checked for viruses.

  1. Be Wary Of Attachments

Sometimes attachments from known sources could also be the reason why your computer might get affected by a virus. People are unaware that they might be sending malicious malware via emails or attachments. Be very careful opening attachments and always make sure that the security scan on your computer is activated. This would allow you to monitor each attachment and open those which are from reliable sources.

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  1. Make Sure You Install An Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software helps protect your computer by automatically scanning files for any viruses. These programs can detect changes in file size, programs which might contain viruses and so on. This constant security check enables you to carry on all your activities without a least bit of hassle. Make sure you download an anti virus program like Norton Antivirus. It helps protect your computer from Trojans, worms or any sort of malicious malware.

  1. Don’t Share Discs Or Floppies

Sometimes sharing floppies even from well meaning friends can end up costing you dearly. If sharing an attachment is necessary make sure you use alternate sources like drop box or one drive. This way you can avoid viruses from the disc to invade your computer.

If by any chance your computer does get infected regardless of all security measures take them to a reliable IT solutions specialist.