Appliance Repair Tucson- 4 Things To Try Before Calling A Repair Technician


Appliance stopped working? Do you think it’s time to call in the Appliance repair Tucson technician? Before calling in the services of an appliance repair technician keep the following troubleshooting tips in mind.

Troubleshooting Tips

Appliances work electrically. Chances are that often the fluctuations and low voltage might cause them to stop working for a short while. In case you suspect that there may be an electrical fault try to unplug your appliance for a while. This will allow the electrical jumbling up to reset itself. Wait for five minutes. Then put the plug in again. If it starts working the matter could be anything from a short electrical breakdown to a loose wire.

Washing Machine Check

  • In case your washing machine doesn’t allow water to pour in automatically it could be because the water valves might be blocked. Try to unscrew the valve and get rid of the bit of debris surrounding the water pipes. Cleaning the valve will ensure that the pipes allow water to flow through easily.
  • In case the dryer of your washing machine has stopped working, it’s time to check the exhaust vent. If it’s covered with lint it could be the reason why your dryer might have slowed down.

In case the above two do not make a difference make sure to call in Appliance repair Tucson.

Refrigerator Check

  • Check for a blown fuse
  • Get a look at the circuit breaker
  • Get a look at the temp control unit. Maybe its not properly adjusted to give enough cooling.

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Electric Oven

  • Check for a blown fuse or a break in the circuit. Make sure the wires are plugged in properly.
  • Lift the stove and clean any debris that might have stuck to it.

If the oven still doesn’t light up or start working then call in the services of Tucson appliance repair.


In case of a microwave check all the plugs. Also make sure that the door to the unit closes properly, for further assistance call in the services of Tucson appliance repair.

Always be aware that your safety should be foremost in your mind when checking out the wires and plugs.  The above mentioned steps are exactly where you should stop and not investigate an appliance on your own. Call us we are there to answer all your queries.