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With all these gadgets that people can have, one might see that their outlets have one too many power strips attached to them. Cell phone chargers, game consoles, dvd, players, televisions in multiple rooms, perhaps tablets and MP3 players are things that need to power to charge and having power strips is okay for the short term, but for the long term,  it maybe time to call Portland Oregon Electrician to help add new outlets to current building code and make your home safe and hazard free.

Another way Portland Oregon Electrician can help you out is by updating your fuse box to a circuit breaker box. Fuses help keep the flow of electricity at a normal flow but when something pulls too much electricity, the fuse pops are stuck going to the basement in the dark, in your pajamas with a flashlight then come to find out you don’t have the right fuse to replace. So now you are off to a home improvement store or a 24 hour department store to buy fuses. With a circuit breaker box, you can just flip the switch and carry on your normal ways.

Portland Oregon Electrician are there for you if you are remodeling your house or if you are a land lord your rental units. They can install indoor and outdoor lighting, 220 outlets for electric stoves and dryers, run brand new wire through your entire house. Don’t forget about the electrical part of pool or hot tub installation, maybe you just need a heavy duty outdoor outlet for your pool filter or maybe need the pool to be directly wired into your house either way Portland Electricians can do the work for you.  Just by adding outdoor electricity, you can make your home a destination for friends and family to get together in summer.

Portland Oregon Electrician Winter Tips

For the winter, maybe you want to install electric heat in some or all of your rooms, Portland Oregon Electrician can help choose the right size of baseboard heat. It doesn’t hurt to have a Portland Electricians number in your contact list for a just in case repair (maybe you had a small fire and a wire needs replaced), to add the beautiful vintage chandelier you just bought at the flea market, to help with pool or hot tub installation or a full remodel. Don’t forget Portland Electricians know local codes and they can help bring your property to code before something happens. Contact a Portland Oregon Electrician today at http://www.rosecityelectricco.com/Contact.html

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