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Are you in need of cash and are you not sure where to turn? Our Cash for Junk Cars Portland business can help you with your problem. Instead of being anxious about how you will pay your bills, you can solve your problem with one quick phone call.

A phone call is all it takes to find out how much you can get for your vehicle. We always pay the most possible for vehicles and you can be sure we can pay the most period. There are plenty of reasons for this but the best reason is we are an actual local junk yard. Most of the time when you are working with others you find on the Internet, you’ll reach a company that isn’t a junk yard and may not even be located in Portland, Oregon. This means that they exist only to buy your car and resell it to a company like ours, since we actually have a use for the cars we buy. Since you can work with us directly, there won’t be a middleman involved to make money off YOUR car. You can simply just sell to us directly and eliminate having someone else profit off buying your car.  This is unacceptable and can easily be avoided.

Cash For Junk Cars Portland – The How To Guide on Getting Cash For Cars

There are only three easy steps involved in getting the money you need for your vehicle. The first of which is simply to call Cash For Cars Northwest about your vehicle. You can reach us at 503-283-3095 or you can visit the website at After you’ve contacted use we will give you a quote for the car. There is no cost or obligation required when getting the quote for your car. We will also work with your to find the best time for you for us to pick up the vehicle. Our tow truck driver will come to you with cash and tow the car for free. There is no charge for towing at all. That’s it. You could even do all of this while wearing your house slippers and sweat pants. You don’t even have to drive anywhere. We can deliver the cash in as little as an hour. Get started with getting cash for junk cars portland by calling us now at 503-283-3095.


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